Runaway teams, runaway democracy….

ICYMI, not that it matters in a 2020 world, but Thursday night Indianapolis Colts DID defeat Tennessee Titans 34-17 in NFL “Runaway Teams Bowl.”

(the Colts snuck out of Baltimore in the middle of the night, the Titans (former Oilers) left Houston at least in broad daylight.

Speaking as a New Orleans Saints fan, a team who really WAS cheated out of win in 2019, a couple things.

1. Unlike NFC championship, 2020 Presidential election results upon further review do stand.

2. New Orleans fans may have boycotted Super Bowl but neither we nor team tried to destroy NFL over it.

Tim Duncan is leaving the Spurs coaching staff. Popovich said up front he thought it might not be a long term gig. But wonder if Coach Pop told Tim for sure he’s eventually “leaving” the team to Becky Hammon?

SEC Commissioner Sankey said he is “shaken but not deterred” by COVID-19 resulting in the cancellation of four SEC games this weekend. Meanwhile, over 240,000 Americans are permanently deterred from watching football ever again.

Miss days when one of the things we could get most worked up about this weekend might have been ESPN’s plans to spend the entire Masters fawning over Tiger Woods.

I miss the days in USA when “Banana Republic” just referred to stores in malls.

But yeah, so wait, the same GOP who insisted the Florida vote counting STOP in 2000, now wants Georgia votes recounted by hand in 2020. How long until other countries start asking UN to send in election observers to our USA banana republic?

Voter Fraud orchestrated by Democrats in 2020 is a myth, period.

But don’t know about you, thinking that if a genie gave me power to rig part of the election this November, I’d have started by magically increasing votes enough to turn South Carolina and Kentucky blue. Thereby also getting rid of Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.

As Trump falls over 5 million votes behind, just need to point out to folks that California has about 10% left of our votes to count, and NY about 20%.

So Joe Biden could win by closer to 6 million votes.

Alaska GOP Rep. Don Young, 87 in Sept, on not requiring masks at campaign events. “That’s self-responsibility. Our nation should be responsible for one’s actions.” Young today “I’ve tested positive for COVID-19. feeling strong, following proper protocols.” Punchline not needed.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says we should consider Joe Biden the President-Elect. Not that I’d vote for DeWine, but open notes to folks like Florida Governer Ron DeSantis – it is possible to be a Republican Governor & not a complete science & facts denying a**hole.

All this praise for Republicans simply acknowledging the results of a fair election is like the ultimate participation trophy for our democracy.

Madeleine Albright on CNN nailed my mood these days. She talked about being asked if she were an optimist or a pessimist – “I’m an optimist, but I worry a lot.”

Thinking this hasn’t gotten the publicity it deserves – in Trump attack tweet today “The biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was Fox News.”

So is Donald admitting he lost, and blaming FOX? Did not have that on my 2020 batsh*t bingo card.

Another thing not on my 2020 Bingo card, Amy Klobuchar referencing John Bolton. But tonight on MSNBC, she mentioned his comment about GOP inertia & their desire to let Trump “work through it.”

Amy stating, accurately “We don’t have TIME to get through 7 stages of grief with Donald Trump.”

So as Trump increasingly realizes he is going to lose, have to wonder – is he evil enough to deliberately encourage COVID-19 spread to make it Joe Biden’s problem?

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