More numbers games.

Any given Sunday… but as a Saints fan with Drew Brees potentially iffy for week 111, while New Orleans has to wish they had a bye week, the Falcons MIGHT be the next best thing.

SF 49ers fall to 4-6, last in NFC West.

4-6 would LEAD the NFC East. Even without COVID-19 this NFL season belongs in 2020.

Meanwhile, looking at Cardinals game-winning Hail Mary and thinking maybe the football gods decided to reward Arizona for officially turning BLUE this week.

Both senators Democrats now AND voting for Joe Biden!

For all those who’ve ever dreamed of playing like Tiger Woods, this ESPN headline – “Tiger Woods finds water 3 times, makes 10 on 12th hole at Masters.”

A bipartisan question, if anyone seriously believes that Democrats were swaying millions of votes in 2020, don’t you think we’d have started in South Carolina and Kentucky to get rid of Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell?

President-elect Joe Biden sent two tweets on Sunday – one talking about the Clean Air act, one congratulating SpaceX.

These are rough times, but imagine ahead to January 20, 2021.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump RT’ed a news station saying Virginia Wesleyan University professor Paul Ewell wrote “anyone who chose Biden for president is ‘ignorant, anti-American and anti-Christian.'” What a lovely Christian sentiment for a Sunday. –

Remember when we used to joke imagining worst thing that could happen with participation trophies & kids never learning to accept loss?

Ladies and gentlemen, our first “Participation trophy” president.

“I won the election.”

Beginning to think not enough of GOP leaders read Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”

Apparently Joe Biden store was selling “No meowlarkey” cat collar.

Since President-Elect Biden has a rescue dog already how about rescuing a nice friendly no meowlarkey cat to wander through White House & help keep everyone calm?

Asking for cat people shut out since Socks.

Can someone explain to me how MAGAs think they can’t possibly risk going out in public without their guns, but a mask is overdoing protection?

Apparently 318,000 people have liked Velveeta Voldemort’s “I WON THE ELECTION” tweet. Didn’t know USA had that many at least aspiring comedy write

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