Way after midnight.

So are we all now humming “On that four am train to Georgia?

“It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.” As many Americans remain glued to TVs for election results, 49ers have to be thrilled that no one is watching Thursday Night Football.

Wonder if Hillary Clinton up watching CNN maps and counting with the rest of us?

Since Georgia is about to flip how long until Trump calls for boycotts of products made there, including…. Diet Coke.

Oops, never mind.

A majority of ESPN’s NFL headlines are about COVID-19, tests, penalties, mask violations cases. Well, NY fans have to be glad at least they aren’t about the Giants or Jets.

Washington-Cal game football game Saturday canceled because of COVID-19 positive tests.-

But I thought Trump said no one would hear about COVID-19 after the election… This is SO confusing.

Republicans having temper tantrums over slow vote counting must have forgotten that the reason many states waited until Election Day or the day after to count absentee ballots was that REPUBLICANS wanted them to wait.

Just noticed, Donald Trump’s profile picture on Twitter is his unmasked, superspreader rally in Pennsylvania. Wonder if suburban women and others decided to vote for the guy who actually acted like he valued life?

Election night is getting dangerously close to lasting a Scaramucci.

Donald Trump ranting “STOP THE COUNT!” is like the captain of the Titanic telling the water to stop rushing in.

As we all breathe sighs of relief over Michigan and Wisconsin, worth nothing that there were three Midwestern states with razor thin margins in 2016. One wasn’t close in 2020 – Minnesota. And media’s not talking about it but Joe Biden again owes a big debt to Amy Klobuchar.

Georgia elections official says SO correctly that a lot of states are slower at counting, they just aren’t close. California, with about 80% of our votes counted – says “Hi.”

Georgia currently has Joe Biden & Donald Trump a few hundred votes apart out of almost 5 million votes cast in 2020 Presidential election. So if you are a Georgia voter who thinks your vote doesn’t count in upcoming Senate runoffs, think again.

Looking at Georgia I think it’s pretty clear tha Joe Biden also owes Stacey Abrams. Who if not for voter suppression would be the Governor of Georgia.

Thank you Georgia.
But no, as an #SFGiants fan, I’m still not doing that damn Braves’ tomahawk chop.

A bridge to 270…. John Lewis’s Clayton County gives Joe Biden the lead.

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2 Comments on “Way after midnight.”

  1. Glen Birch Says:

    As an exit song for trump one might consider the Little River Band song The Lonesome Loser substituting the the word Truth for the words Queen of Hearts.

    Glen Birch (619)540-0118


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