Down to the wire.

You know when your team plays a game that was supposed to be a blowout, and barely wins in overtime, while several star players were injured…. This election feels like that.

SF 49ers, already injury ravaged, put four players on COVID-19 list tonight before Thursday game against the Packers. At this point the Niners may need to allow fans in the stands just to have a pool of players for pre-game tryouts.

Anyone but me dreaming of when we can travel again and mentally planning to spend travel dollars in swing states that go blue?

Makes sense that since 2020 is the longest year ever that November 3 should be the longest election night ever.

But how soon after the election now can we potentially put a “opening soon under new-management” sign on our country?”

Anyone who thinks this is bad, remember Minnesota Senate race in 2008. Came down to 312 votes and with all the legal fighting Al Franken wasn’t seated in the Senate until July 2009!

So if Trump loses will a million Russian bots no longer start following him every month on Twitter?

Seriously what is it with men in North Carolina and their zippers. First John Edwards and now Cal Cunningham. (Maybe we can find a woman to run against Burr in 2022?)

As a California voter, it is a darn good thing that we aren’t a swing state. Because we are not exactly quick with ballot counting – as of tonight “74% reported.”

So now that Martha McSally has lost two Senate races in two years to two different candidates how long until she takes over at CNN from Rick Santorum?

Some conservative news sites gushed about what Melania Trump wore to vote. I’d prefer to vote on what she DIDN’T wear to vote. A MASK.

Curiously enough, when Kamala Harris first ran for AG in 2010 in California, the votes counted on election night only showed she had lost. She won by about 80,000 votes.

Trump tweeting “We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, the State of Michigan …” And I would like to claim I am a Queen. Where does one go to make these claims?

Donald Trump thinks he can treat vote numbers the same way he does COVID numbers.

Meanwhile while Trump rages in White House, US hit over 100,000 COVID-19 cases today for 1st time ever. With 1,100 deaths. And that’s before we know effects of Donald’s last weekend superspreader rallies. Yeah, we’ve turned the corner alright.

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