Posted a countdown clock for the last 100 days before the election. Didn’t expect we’d need another countdown clock for the days to CALL the election…

And now it’s the Arizona Utah Pac 12 football opener for both teams cancelled. How long until betting on which games get canceled for COVID-19 becomes a thing in Vegas?

Rob Manfred said there will be no punishment for Justin Turner celebrating with Dodgers on the field after World Series even after Turner had tested positive for COVID-19 & was removed from game. I miss having an MLB commissioner.

Seriously, the NFL punishes people more for wearing their socks too low.

I haz idea. Since the networks seem so terrified of Trump, maybe someone could convince him to go golfing this weekend and then call the election while he’s on the course?

Joe Biden’s popular vote win is currently at 4 million votes. But It’s going to be more than a 5 million vote win. Maybe closer to 6 million.

California alone has about 2.5 MILLION votes left to count.

(America, you’re welcome that our state isn’t close.)

I was mostly kidding earlier this week when I said #ElectionNight was going to last a Scaramucci.

Scaramucci himself appeared on CNN tonight. Must admit that of all the times I’ve heard about the Milgram Experiment, this is first time I’ve heard experiment referenced to describe working in the White House.

More Democrats were quick to condemn Bill Clinton over a consensual sexual relationship, than Republicans are condemning Donald Trump over an assault on democracy.

Mitch McConnell today “Every legal vote should be counted.” While you’re at it Mitch, how about counting votes for the 400 bills sitting on your desk?

Have probably seen a half-dozen articles/posts today suggesting Nancy Pelosi should step down as Speaker because Dems didn’t do as well in House races as expected. Well, not like anyone expected Dems to Flip The Senate so no one goes after Chuck Schumer. #misogyny

Trump RT’s Paul Sperry “Funny how CNN has suddenly stopped its “COVID-COVID-COVID!” drumbeat, isn’t it?

CNN Breaking News “White House chief of staff tests positive for coronavirus.”

Open note to soon to be former President Trump: Votes are like COVID-19 cases. You can’t pretend they don’t exist by not counting them.

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