How life on the East Coast has changed for baseball fans.
They used to go to bed at night and then wake up and first look at the West Coast scores.
Now they wake up and first look to see which other teams might have had players test positive.

Even in a regular year I sometimes think should just forfeit all games at Coors Field against Rockies & save wear and tear on players. So far seeming even more true in a pandemic.

There was a delay  today caused by a drone flying overhead at Target Field. Anyone checked to see if Houston Astros are scheduled to play the Minnesota Twins soon?

Apparently two weeks into filming “The Bachelorette” Clare Crawley informed producers she had fallen in love and wanted to quit the show. How much am I nostalgic for when that would have been the biggest story of the day on social media.

Florida reports fewer than 5,000 coronavirus cases Monday. Uh, Florida testing centers were closed since last Thursday due to the hurricane. Suppressing COVID-19 numbers like they’re votes….

Anderson Cooper on Trump today. “Have you ever heard someone whine as much as this man?’ Anderson has a 3 month old son, he is an expert on crying babies.

Juan Williams on Fox News said there is no difference in absentee ballots and mail in ballots. And he’s being absolutely roasted for it online by MAGAs & other trolls. And we still wonder how some Americans could be stupid as to still support Trump.

There are 53 GOP Senators. And not ONE of them after that AXIOS interview can come forward and say that the Emperor is naked except for a red hat?

Trump saying Tuesday that Florida is so well run is in itself reason for 25th Amendment.

Listening to Trump stumble over words makes me wonder if one reason he still touts hydroxychloroquine is that he learned how to pronounce it.

As Trump claims he will work on evictions can some reporter please find out how many tenants Jared Kushner and other Donald cronies are evicting?

It appears as if Jerry Sheridan by several hundred votes has won the Maricopa County Sheriff GOP Primary.

I know nothing about Sheridan.

But the fact Joe Arpaio made it close?
What’s next, David Duke running in Louisiana on a MAGA ticket.

Person Woman Man Camera TV” isn’t enough to pass a cognitive test. But “It is what it is” is enough to fail a decency test.

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