Best behavior?

Eight UCLA football players tested positive for COVID-19 in early July have now completed quarantine.

Just keep thinking how every year before the very biggest bowls some young men do something stupid and get themselves suspended before the game. So of course no reason to think any of these student-athletes will be reckless in 2020.

SF Giants were ahead 4-2 going into the 7th today at Coors Field So why did it feel when they hung on to win 4-3 that it was a  miracle comeback win?


Lebron James after Trump said said he stops watching when athletes kneel “I really don’t think the basketball community are sad about losing his viewership, him viewing the game.” There are times it is very hard to root against King James.


Alabama Sen. Candidate and former college football coach  Tommy Tuberville-$600 a week is “way too much. We’re having people just sit out not working because they’re (paid) more sitting around.”

After 5-7 record coaching at Auburn in 2008, school told him to resign & paid Tuberville $5 MILLION not to work in 2009.

At least  EIGHT Democratic fundraising polls today, asking who I think should be VP…. This is beginning to feel like a political version of “The Bachelor”


After Louie Gohmert tested positive last week, Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis says he has been wearing a mask & told others in GOP “Don’t be stupid & become the news story of the day.” Now Davis has COVID-19.
So which Republican was stupid and made Davis the story of the day.
Former Deputy Ambassador to the UK Lewis Lukens on Maddow confirms NY Times story about Trump asking British government to move British Open to his Turnberry resort.
Hope Lukens stays away from windows.

After listening to Lewis Lukens tonight on Maddow talk about owner Woody Johnson, Jets  fans have to long for the days when their team was only an embarrassment ON the field.

Andrea Mitchell to Nancy Pelosi “Joe Biden is not going to Milwaukee. How much does this damage the campaign?” Is Andrea trying to become the new Chuck Todd?

The same President who wants to spend $1.75 BILLION to renovate FBI building so his hotel doesn’t face competition, expects us to believe he wants to do his nomination acceptance speech from White House to save money?

If Trump wants to give his nomination acceptance speech somewhere Secret Service is comfortable and experienced guarding him, why doesn’t he give the speech from one of his golf courses?

Serious snark this time.  Watch & listen to Trump carefully at “Covid” briefings. Today he twice referred to “His wife,” in talking about Kanye West, before finally saying “Kim, Kim Kardashian.”
And in talking about Beirut he three times referred to “that country,” NEVER “Lebanon.”
Donald is struggling to remember words.


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