Money pitch

TOPPS often does special 24 hour only runs of commemorative baseball cards.  A card of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s opening day first pitch sold 51,512 copies, a new record.

Now cards are selling on EBay for over $100 each. Don’t tell Donald Trump, this will really make him jealous.

Raiders are going to play all games this year without fans in the stands.  Well,  considering the recent upstick in cases in Las Vegas,  wonder what happens if they decide they need a safer place to play, like the SF Bay Area?

Thinking the NY Yankees  are going to be really upset when MLB season is shut down.

Reports now that some of St. Louis Cardinals went to a casino before COVID-19 outbreak.  Jeez, Pete Rose only bet on baseball games, he wasn’t betting his life.

If Trump’s approval rating is so great why is he worried about the election?

Since Trump didn’t want to send ventilators and PPE to blue states, what makes anyone think he’d send blue states a COVID-19 vaccine?

Reminder….Florida COVID-19 testing centers have been shut down since last THURSDAY due to the hurricane. They reopen mostly tomorrow. So that small drop in cases Trump was praising his mini-me Governor Ron DeSantis for on Monday….

Wonder if Ivanka told her father to bring an upside down Bible to that Axios interview?

Jonathan Swan is Australian. So when is Trump going to try to have him deported? #AxiosOnHBO

Trump literally tonight said cases were going down in Florida. COVID-19 testing in Florida has been largely shut down for FIVE Days with Isaias. Cases in the White House would go down if they stopped testing too.

So wait, if you don’t test you don’t have a problem, why did Donald Trump submit to a cognitive test?

Trump is still upset that John Lewis didn’t come to his inauguration.
Can someone ask Donald if he will come to Joe Biden’s inauguration?
RIP John Hume, 83 who helped craft the Good Friday agreement in Northern Ireland, which made him co-recipient of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize. Joe Biden gave him a lovely tribute on Twitter. Think Trump would have had any idea who Hume wa
“SHUT YOUR MOUTH” is trending on Twitter and we’re all so used to Trump’s hateful misogyny I’m sure I’m not the only one who figured he had said that to a woman reporter.
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