Comeback time.

Drew Brees said an insensitive and stupid thing about kneeling and respecting the flag on Wednesday. He apologized Thursday and today Trump said he shouldn’t have apologized. And the New Orleans QB responded by sticking with his apology and calling out Trump.

So what time tomorrow will Trump announce he is giving a Presidential medal to the refs in Rams-Saints 2019 NFC championship who kept Drew Brees from another Super Bowl? 

Glad to see NFL at least saying  “We were wrong.” I admire Colin Kaepernick in most ways and completely supported his kneeling, but can Kap himself also now say “I was wrong,” in telling people not to vote?


For all those who think 2020 couldn’t be much worse, could you imagine right now if Mayor “Stop and Frisk” Bloomberg had managed to buy his way to the Democratic nomination?

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale reports that a line in Trump’s speech Friday mentioned COVID-19 “He ad-libs, “That horrible, horrible, terrible, disgusting, angry virus.”

So now Donald is using projection on a VIRUS??”!!

Almost getting to the point that I miss seeing Dr. Birx’s scarves.


As Trump boasted about US supposed job gains he said “Hopefully George (Floyd) is looking down right now and saying, ‘This is a great thing that’s happening for our country.”” I write some pretty twisted bus to hell satire at times and couldn’t come close to Donald’s reality.

A White House official says Melania Trump’s messaging over George Floyd’s murder and resulting protests has “frustrated the West Wing.” I really don’t care, do u?

Trump is now attacking Mayor of Washington, D.C.,  Muriel Bowser, as  “incompetent.” Maybe it’s just me, but wondering if it’s really a good idea to attack the person who has power to shut down future vanity rallies where you live?

Wanna bet if someone asks Trump about D-Day he’ll assume the D stands for “Donald?”

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