Size matters

Trump tweeting about Washington protests, “Much smaller crowd in D.C. than anticipated.” Uh, no, THIS is a “much smaller crowd in D.C. than anticipated.”
Love the weekend’s protest pictures, though worry they will lead to more COVID 19 outbreaks. But also hope protesters remember what Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said “If you want change in America, go and register to vote.”
To-go drink for the bus to hell:  So what’s in a Lady G cocktail? Guessing Peach schnapps, Russian vodka, a lot of twists and a graham cracker crumb rim? I hear it goes down real easy.
We now know that a “misclassification error” meant that unemployment rate in May should have been 16.1% in May, not 13.3 %. But retractions never get the coverage of the original mistakes.
As a big Karen Carpenter fan from my youth, wouldn’t bother me at all if the term a “Karen” to describe a self-entitled, demanding and at times dangerous white woman was changed to an “Ivanka.”
Let us be VERY clear. If Trump really had, as he claims, “96% approval in the Republican party,” GOP members of Congress would be rushing to the camera lights to defend him, not scurrying away like cockroaches.
If only Donald Trump had spent as much time inspecting his COVID-19 and intelligence briefings as he is spending inspecting the White House bunker.
So how long until Trump tells us he had to do another bunker inspection today?
For those condemning any public figure who seems newly “woke” on Black Lives Matter and real reform – If you believe “change is gonna come,” then I think you have to accept that individuals can & do change. “I was wrong”  or “I wasn’t listening,” are both 3 very difficult words to say, but they’re a start.
Meanwhile, I’ve said before, I’ll say it again. Gregg Popovich is a national treasure:
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