Tiger power.


More than 60 Missouri football players  marched and then registered to vote Wednesday as part of the team’s call to action following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

If others in SEC followed them I might take back a few of the negative things I regularly say about the conference.

Sometimes your heroes let you down. I’ll give Drew Brees overnight to explain and apologize for his comments.  Meanwhile, I’ll proudly defend my 2020 Presidential candidate. Not because I think Amy Klobuchar hasn’t made mistakes. But I think she’s handled last week w/ class, empathy & hard work.

And with more charges to be filed in Floyd murder,  and some screaming it should have been faster.. remember this from Minn AG Keith Ellison  “We’re moving as expeditiously, quickly & effectively as we can.But I need to protect this prosecution. I’m not going to create situation where somebody can say this was a rush to judgment.”

(btw, don’t know all the details but Klobuchar has been working and talking with him behind the scenes, and without a photo op, met with Floyd family.)



Your reminder, for all the petty things Trump found to rant about on Twitter Wednesday,  including the continual lie that DC police didn’t use tear gas,  Donald couldn’t find time to acknowledge that the other three officers involved in George Floyd’s murder have been arrested.

Seriously, I’m getting requests to sign a petition to get Bill Barr to resign?!!! Not that I don’t think Bill Barr is worse even than John Mitchell, but petitions do NOTHING w/ GOP Want Barr out? VOTE for Joe Biden and Vote Blue.  #FlipTheSenate


Since Trump seems so confused and upset tonight, can we hope he’ll call for firing the man who hired Mad Dog Mattis?

Kayleigh McEnany claims that Trump’s bible photo op was like “George W. Bush throwing out the ceremonial first pitch after 9/11.” Uh, more like Bush’s flyover New Orleans after Katrina. And actually by comparison W’s major gaffe doesn’t seem that bad.


Tonight Anderson Cooper on Kayleigh McEnany’s comparing Trump to Churchill: “She’s right. They’re both leaders of countries. They’re both old. They’re both large. Booth walked thru rubble. One did it for his country. Trump did it for himself.”

Anderson Cooper has no more f*cks to give.


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