The SF 49ers have joined “Blackout Tuesday” on Instagram by posting a black square for Black Lives Matter.  If only the team had had a chance to make a meaningful statement with one of their own players….

Meanwhile, not bad for Gayle Benson, a 73 year old rich Southern White woman.

Asked about Trump, Mitch McConnell “I’m not going to critique other people’s performances.” To be fair, this is like asking the Baltimore Orioles what they think about the Miami Marlins.

Marquette University rescinded admission and a lacrosse scholarship for a young woman after she wrote a social media racist post comparing athletes kneeling to the the police officer kneeling to murder George Floyd.

As awful as the sentiment is, in this day and age, did they also rescind her admission for stupidity?

For all that Trump likes to falsely brag about saving lives, at least Donald’s pulling GOP convention from Charlotte may actually save lives in North Carolina.


Defense Secretary Esper on Trump church photo op: ‘I didn’t know where I was going’I like “Someone pushed me into a lifeboat” better

Your reminder that Trump said May 30 was “MAGA night.” How p*ssed was #CadetBoneSpurs that he had to call out the military after finding his base is as “brave” as he is?

Wait…. so Ivanka Trump brought daddy his photo op bible last night in her purse. Did she go grab one out of bedside table at DC Trump Hotel?

Who had “bayonets to be used against Americans” on their Trump insanity bingo card?

It’s hard to find good news these days. But here’s a bit of it….. Iowa’s Steve King is losing his House Seat.

As armed vehicles roll through the streets of DC Rachel Maddow reminds us that Trump wanted a military parade for his inaugural…. Let’s hope President Biden doesn’t need to call in the military to evict Trump on Jan 20, 2021

153 days until November 3, 2020 Today is a milestone though….. it’s 154 days since January 1, 2020. So we are officially more than halfway from New Year’s Day to the Presidential Election. Which makes me strangely happy.

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