Easter moan-day

How happy must ESPN be? For some indefinite amount of time they can still refer to Tiger Woods as the “defending Masters champion?

Meanwhile, as a major sports fan who is also a complete klutz must admit I learned something today. 1. I will never be talented enough to play. 2. I finally understand the game “HORSE.”


How much do I miss live baseball? I even would have been thrilled to see another bleeping Yankees -Red Sox game tonight on Sunday Night Baseball.

Happy belated  Easter to All!   The quandry for many women – put on a nice Easter dress. Or just a spring-like pair of jammies?


Wonder how many Americans were desperate enough this Easter during Stay At Home that they would that they would actually eat a Peeps?

Though if I weren’t already a big fan of making Amy Klobuchar and John Bessler American’s replacement for Mike and Karen Pence. I give you, as posted by Amy today,  John’s frosted milk bunny lattes.  bunnylatte



Moved to California for college, never left. But so proud of my now adopted state for Coronavirus response. And now for the fact that our top trend on Twitter is #FireTrump (And btw Donald, rake your hair!)

Saturday night Kansas Supreme Court decided not to overturn Governor Laura Kelly’s order against church services. So just maybe they realized that overturning it after doing the hearing on Zoom was a bad look?

So when some people who went to church services on Easter  get sick, and they will, is it un-Christian to suggest they try to pray the coronavirus away?


WTAF?  Trump was actually bragging on Easter “For the first time in history there is a fully signed Presidential Disaster Declaration for all 50 States.” Of course if we had a President who actually paid attention to scientists we wouldn’t need the declaration. @JoeBiden


Ok, if we can save USPS and elect Joe Biden in November,  how satisfying will it be to tell Donald Trump in January 2021 about his final payday – “your check is in the mail?”

Two days without being on television or getting any real media attention….. Trump’s press briefing on Monday is going to set a record for unhinged.

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