Fight song

Right about now Democrats in the Midwest are so proud of Wisconsin voters we MIGHT even be able to get Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar to join in a rousing chorus of “On Wisconsin. “


Meanwhile, in Florida, WWE was deemed an “essential business.” by Governor Ron DeSantis.   I miss the days when Florida man was only a danger to himself.


Maybe a VERY important extra win from Wisconsin today – GOP getting a taste of how Trump can lose them state and local elections. If they smell blood in the water think many Republican elected officials will turn on him faster than Donald turns on staffers who disagree with him.

In all seriousness, does White House have a medical team standing by in case Trump has a cardiac event during one of his press briefing rants? Maybe after today they should.

While the Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders lovefest today was great to see, an open note to all those who suddenly think they’d be a great ticket together – Joe and Bernie together are 155 years old.

Trump apparently told people on a phone call today “I made Dr. Fauci a star.” This season of “Presidential Apprentice” really s*cks.

Pence says he wishes we could listen in on the conference call Governors had with Trump today. Uh, I want to listen in on the conference call Governors had after Trump hung up.

Have an idea. If Joe Biden calls Dr. Anthony Fauci and offers him a spot on HIS team, can networks just start covering Fauci and Team Joe instead of these White House clusterf*cks?


Or Since it’s a ratings game, if Joe Biden promises to show a video of a different train wreck at every one of his briefings and town halls, would networks consider giving him equal time with Trump?

Michelle Obama is now calling for nationwide #VoteByMail option this fall. This would be one time I’d be okay with Melania plagiarizing her.


It’s no secret I want Biden to pick Amy Klobuchar as his VP. But one I thing I know for sure, whichever capable woman Joe picks, he will value her intelligence & advice. And NEVER ask her to make a fool of herself as Trump does with Pence in these vanity briefings.

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