Many years ago today…

It’s April 11, 2020. And it was not that much more than a month ago I was annoyed because the SF Giants should have had a home game today, the 20th Anniversary of the opening of Pac Bell Park.

Meanwhile, ESPN reports Tom Brady hopes to trademark “Tompa Bay”& “Tampa Brady” for clothing/merchandise. How I wish that was the biggest story involving an egocentric a** today?

The Navy says  the number of confirmed COVID19 cases on the carrier Theodore Roosevelt is now 550.  Imagine what it would have been had Crozier not written that lette

Six people were shot, none of them fatally, at a party in Bakersfield last night. But were they shot because of an argument? Or for being idiotic enough to have the party in the first place?

Rand Paul, just recovered from COVID-19 is angry at Kentucky Gov. Beshear for wanting to quarantine churchgoers. “Taking license plates at church? Quarantining someone for being Christian on Easter Sunday? Someone needs to take a step back here.” We are all Rand Paul’s neighbor.

Steve Scalise was almost fatally shot, & saved by a Capitol married lesbian police officer, without changing his mind on gun control or LGBTQ rights. So guess we shouldn’t be surprised Rand Paul  has learned nothing on healthcare or public safety from having had COVID-19.

Wonder how many people who thought there was no difference between Hillary and Donald just had it hit home when probably in large part due to Trump’s botching Coronavirus response they’ve now canceled Burning Man?

Why is Trump calling re-opening the U.S. the “biggest decision I’d ever had to make?” When we all know if anything goes wrong Donald will blame the decision on someone else and say “I take no responsibility.”

A trending Twitter hashtag Saturday was #KeepTexasRed  Seems like they are same ones ignoring social distancing and “Stay at home” orders.  Who wants to tell them?

If only Trump responded as quickly and with as much passion to shortages of lifesaving supplies as he does to a negative story in the NY Times or Washington Post.


In  2003, California voters, angry over state’s energy & budget crisis, actually recalled Gov. Gray Davis. Whatever you thought of Davis, he did much less harm than Brian Kemp & Ron DeSantis are doing now. How does Georgia Gov. Stacey Abrams & Florida Gov. Gwen Graham sound?


So is Trump going to wake up early  Easter morning in hopes of getting all networks to cover him pardoning a rabbit?


Uh, the only thing Trump respects is money. IRS collects over $3 trillion a year, processes over 250 million returns. And uh, IRS says “Use the U.S. Postal Service® to mail your tax return, get proof that you mailed it, and track its arrival at the IRS.” #VoteByMail

Trump attacked Lindsey Graham as a RINO for telling Donald that instead of daily press briefings “a once-a-week show” could be more effective. Where’s the t-shirt that says “I sold my soul and all I got was a few lousy trips to Mar-A-Lago?”

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