Rebirth 2020

(#Rebirth2020 was a hashtage retweeted a lot by among others,  the amazing Steve Gleason.)
ESPN replayed  Monday Night Football, September 25, 2006. The return of football to New  Orleans after Katrina, first SuperDome game for a guy named Drew Brees.  Saints had signed him to a big contract despite worries over whether he could really return from a shoulder injury.  Yeah, he’s only been durable enough to play 14 more years.
That blocked punt by Steve Gleason for a New Orleans TD in first quarter of Saints Falcons game on September 26, 2006 is one of the best NFL moments. Ever.
Love this tweet from NFL reporter Mike Triplett  Getting over it is for sissies. #WhoDat
When do we find out if the ratings were higher in New Orleans for this 2006 regular-season game rebroadcast than last year’s Super Bowl?!”


Al Kaline wasn’t my very favorite player. But he was THE superstar on my very first favorite team. And Kaline got game-winning hit in 7th inning of game 5 to start the World Series comeback for 1968 Tigers. That Series was when I really fell in love with baseball. R.I.P.


California is sending ventilators to New York and may send to other states. And we’re doing it without telling anyone to rake anything.

Nancy Pelosi on Rachel Maddow says we need someone in charge of coronavirus response. But that would involve Trump admitting someone knows more than him about anything.

Back on March 24, GOP Rep Thomas Massie  of Kentucky, tweeted “Universal vote by mail would be the end of our republic as we know it.” Maybe he meant “the end of the Republican party as we now it.”

Wisconsin GOP and SCOTUS have decided that anyone who hasn’t received an absentee ballot must vote tomorrow in person. I don’t EVER want to hear another Republican or SCOTUS judge say they are “Pro-Life.” Period.


RIP Lee Fierro, who played Mrs Kintner in Jaws. The woman who slapped the chief’s face: “You knew there was a shark out there. You knew it was dangerous, but you let people go swimming anyway. You knew all those things, “My boy is dead. I wanted you to know that.” How many people want to slap Trump & say the same about COVID-19

Amazing how some of the same people who insist China is lying about their Coronavirus case and death numbers, are convinced Trump and the USA are being honest about OUR numbers.


Trump today bragging about letting people off ships w/ coronavirus “People we’re (sic) dying & no other countries would allow them to dock!”

Trump March 9 “I’d rather have people stay (on Grand Princess) I don’t need to have numbers double because of 1 ship that wasn’t our fault.’

Donald Trump  – “Democrats want to make Trump look as bad as possible to win an election they shouldn’t be allowed to win.”  (yes, he used the 3rd person.)

More to the point, Donald just said the quiet part out loud.

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4 Comments on “Rebirth 2020”

  1. Mark Ricklis Says:

    Al Kaline – a great ballplayer and the only one ever to have a battery named after him!

  2. Paula M Rothaus MD Says:

    How can you advertisement from such a Conservative site? LEGACY REPORT‽ Tpdays advertisement disses nancy Pelosi involving her is a conspiracy of sorts. Boo! I love your blog, but please don’t accept ads from asses like this.

  3. UGH. No, i don’t take ANY ads, WordPress does it. I have to pay them not to have any ads. They don’t tell me either. I am sorry.

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