The moment I wake up…

Anyone else still have moments when you wake up and just for half a second think “What time is the game on?”

You know it’s a slow sports day when… one of the lead stories on ESPN is how the Los Angeles Rams, despite backlash and jokes,  have no plan to move away from their new logos and colors.

How long until Rams say the refs decided the new logo needed no further  review?

(No, Saints fans aren’t still bitter.)

Yesterday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued an Executive Order that “lifted any local ordinances/orders that had closed or restricted access to Georgia beaches. Who does Kemp think he is, the mayor of Amity Island?

Many years ago, Air France used to have smoking sections, not in the back, but on one side of the plane, ie left side smoking, right side nonsmoking. And I always thought that made about as much sense as expecting coronavirus to respect state and county lines.

So Surgeon General Jerome Adams says “This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment.” Right, if FDR and George W. Bush were TOLD the planes were coming and both decided to ignore them and go golfing.

With UK PM Boris Johnson hospitalized Trump was asked Sunday “Are you (and Pence) considering staying away from each other to assure continuity of government?”

Well, VP IS contractually obligated to stay within a**-kissing distance at all times.

Have nothing personal against UK PM Boris Johnson and wish him the best. But wonder if Trump will advise him to take hydroxychloroquine?

“Why not let the science speak for itself?” Trump says he’s not promoting hydroxychloroquine. While he keeps promoting it.


Right about now I’d take Dr. Strangelove over Dr. Trump.


One thing I love about Joe Biden: he can say four very difficult words: “I made a mistake.” Now, can the same be said by 2016 Trump voters?

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