Another game 7

Thanks to a Facebook friend I discovered 1968 World Series tonight on MLB Network. While these are tough times, a glass of wine, a cat on my lap, and now watching Mickey Lolich pitch game 7 at midnight might be as good as it gets for #StayAtHome.

After new football coach Mike Leach tweeted out a cartoon of a woman knitting a noose for her husband during self-quarantine, Mississippi State AD John Cohen said the school will provide Leach with opportunities to “expand his cultural awareness of Mississippi.”
Uh, I’m one of the least PC liberals I know, but how much “cultural awareness” do you need to know a noose isn’t funny ANYWHERE in the South?

Across the country, Democratic Governors are turning the  Donald Trump, the Backup In Chief, into the Presidential Version of Wally Pipp.

Can we say now that Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly’s thinking he could insult a beloved and respected Captain without repercussions was “naive and stupid?”

Today Trump attacked the Post office for not charging businesses enough: Uh. if you go to the Trump online store:  “Orders process and deliver within 10-14 business days via the United States Postal Service for delivery within the Domestic U.S. only.”

Sherrod Brown is the latest to endorse Joe Biden. A significant issue, one of the people who got Sherrod to run for Senate in 2006 in the first place, was his good friend, then Congressman Bernie Sanders.

Watching Joe Biden on CNN after watching Donald Trump press briefing is like a shower for the soul.

So Trump thinks that Wisconsin voters should vote for a GOP judge to protect their 2nd amendment. Does he think guns are the new hydroxychloroquine?

Let us be very clear: If we had a functioning democracy the fifth vote on Wisconsin Election would have been cast in favor of delayed absentee ballots. By Merrick Garland.

About #VoteByMail, 2 real-life California examples: A friend scrawled an illegible signature, his ballot was returned to sign again. I forgot to sign mine 2 years ago, I had to mail or fax in a signature. Vote By Mail is not corrupt. And our democracy & lives may depend on it.

So now Trump is using the “I was a cheerleader” defense? Uh, I had several friends who were cheerleaders. Athleticism and enthusiasm were required. Not turning off your brain. Or lying.

Lost in today’s lie-fest, Trump basically saying you couldn’t understate number of coronavirus deaths, because death was death. Uh, actually it’s real easy. Just don’t have enough tests. You can’t pin deaths on the virus if you can pretend people don’t have it.

I can’t wait to vote for Joe Biden in November, and will be even happier if it’s a Biden Klobuchar ticket. But how much must it be killing Trump that President Newsom is trending tonight on Twitter right now? #BackupInChief



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