State of the something.

Nicest story baseball story in Northern California. We can root for Palo Alto native Joc Pederson again, now that he’s been traded to the Angels.

So did Dodgers get David Price to make Clayton Kershaw feel better about his history in the postseason?

But hey, the SF Giants got Wilbur Flores. Well, it’s going to be a busy election season in the Bay Area.


Researchers say a rare salamander reportedly stayed in the same spot in its cave in Europe for seven years. The lizard must have had his TV remote handy.

Apparently some Trump supporters are upset because they thought Super Bowl halftime show was “lewd,” “exploitative of women,” one called it “soft-core porn.” I’d respond with some of Melania’s modeling pictures but those would probably get me suspended from Facebook and Twitter.



After Rand Paul tried again to out alleged whistleblower in statement on Senate floor today, perhaps question we should ask, his neighbor lived next door to him for 17 years – how did he go all that time WITHOUT attacking Senator Paul.

For months all political eyes have been on the upcoming final count from Iowa Caucuses. It’s only January and I think we have a winner in the 2020 #YouHadOneJob competition.

Maybe instead of an app Iowa Democrats should have built a cornfield on a baseball diamond and have ghosts come out to hand count paper ballots?

Iowa caucuses might be a major clusterf*ck, but before anyone gets too up or down about potential winners perhaps we should ask for commentary from Presidents Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz?


Anyone else feel like they need a shower after that SOTU?

For anyone who wanted to know what it was like at Jonestown, watching Cult 45 tonight is probably a good lesson.


Trump has the audacity to mention Harriet Tubman tonight, while he tries to keep her off the $20 bill.

Trump also honored Rush Limbaugh tonight, who said Michael J. Fox was faking Parkinson’s disease, and was absolutely gleeful at the idea of RBG having terminal cancer. There is no bottom.

There’s a character in Knives Out who throws up every time she tells a lie. So what about a condition if you throw up from hearing someone tell too many lies? And can we name it for Trump?
Trump goes back to 2018 for an example of an immigrant killing someone in California. And yet, over a year later, CRICKETS about Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona, 22, daughter of Mexican immigrants, ambushed & killed by an angry white man.
Trump tonight eulogizes two Americans killed by immigrants, but has Fred Guttenberg, the grieving father of a girl killed by an American young man with a gun arrested.


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2 Comments on “State of the something.”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    This just in: 1957 Rose Bowl final: Iowa 35/Oregon State 19

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