Let the countdown begin.

Super Bowl LIV is finally over.   Super Bowl LV pregame show starts tomorrow.

Quarterback K.J. Costello says he’s transferring from Stanford to Mississippi State to he can play for Mike Leach.  Well, at least he didn’t pretend it was for academics.

Iowa’s top poll gets cancelled. Iowa’s caucus results may not be known for days. NFL refs are going “Well, at least it’s not us this time.”

So this morning did residents of Kansas City, Missouri wake up with both a Super Bowl hangover and the news they will be annexed by Executive Order into Kansas?

If the 49ers had won last night’s Super Bowl would Trump have congratulated the state of Nevada? Or Alaska?!. (Alaska IS the 49th state.)

But So who drew the short straw last night and got to tell Trump that Kansas City is in Missouri.



Never ascribe to to conspiracies what can be more easily explained by incompetence. #IowaCaucuses

Not sure the next step for whoever came up with the new Iowa caucuses reporting app, but a Southwest commercial might be in their future. #WannaGetAway

If you wanted proof that Amy Klobuchar is a take-charge leader, she’s the first one who figured out that the networks were dying for anything, something, someone to cover, and decided to make her speech in Iowa, thereby getting a campaign commercial before the late-night talk shows.
(and it was a good speech.)

Maybe this is all a plot by Democrats in Iowa to stretch these caucus results out right through Donald Trump’s SOTU?

Eric Trump in Iowa today “We’re saying “Merry Christmas,” again.” Uh, it’s February 3. So in addition to not being able to tell states apart the Trump family can’t read a calendar?
Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer. I guess I should be sorry for him.
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