Down but certainly not out.

49ers picked a bad time to do their Atlanta Falcons imitation.

Not my original line but sent to me by a friend “What do the Super Bowl and Republican party now have in common?” Neither one has Patriots.

No one tried it, but  the way to beat the Chiefs might have been to let THEM have a 10 point lead.  The alternative  sure didn’t work.


So who can we blame for no Super Bowl Ad featuring the Clydesdales?

Before the Super Bowl, Trump did not say who he was rooting for.   

Which reason was it?  1. He couldn’t remember who’s playing.   2. He can’t bear to take the chance of being wrong. 3. He thought the 49ers would win and he linked them with Nancy Pelosi.


Trump congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs for representing the great state of Kansas  so very well. Some statements don’t even need a punchline.


If the 49ers had won think Trump would have remembered they play in California?

Waiting for Trump to attack Jennifer Lopez for dressing in a foreign Puerto Rican flag during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Open note to Kansas and Missouri.  Amy Klobuchar might be Vikings fan, but she knows the difference between your two states.


Yes, I know Barack Obama once said he had campaigned in 57 states. People misspeak. But pretty clear that Trump actually THOUGHT Kansas City was in Kansas. Speaking of Kansas, wonder if Donald knows Laura Kelly is now Governor.

This Groundhog Day thinking maybe Punxstawney Phil went back in his hole immediately after seeing what he thought was a dead relative on Trump’s head.

Pamela Anderson is splitting from her 5th husband Jon Peters after 12 days! 12 days?! That’s barely a Scaramucci.

I’m #VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 But thinking back to Reagan, “officially” diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 83, and clearly affected sooner, will Democratic candidates who would be 80 in their first term all promise to take regular cognitive tests?

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One Comment on “Down but certainly not out.”

  1. JD in PA Says:

    On the upside for Patriots fans, after seeing the Chiefs’ boy band shift into a wildcat formation so Damien Williams could create 1st-&-goal inside the 1, many of us have decided that the Philly Special (two years ago against NE) is now only our SECOND favorite Super Bowl play ever.

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