Super senior bowl?

Joe Montana retired 25 years ago this year. I feel old.

QB Alex Smith told ESPN  he is “very much lucky to be alive” after his November 2018 leg injury, which resulted in life-threatening sepsis and doctors suggesting amputation.    Of course, compared to death and losing a leg, returning to the Redskins doesn’t seem so bad.


Mitch McConnell apparently left DC Friday night with Donald Trump for a Super Bowl party at Mar-A-Lago. And isn’t American system of justice all about the foreman of the jury celebrating with the defendant before a verdict?

DOJ says now they have emails where Trump discussed withholding foreign aid over information on Biden.   Well if only there were a trial or something where such information might be relevant.



Amazing how many who support Trump and are using Coronavirus as an excuse to be anti-immigrant, are still also so anti-science as to ignore things like flu vaccines and washing hands.


The release of the last supposedly best Iowa Poll has been cancelled, reportedly over an error that left Pete Buttigieg off the list with at least a few callers.
Though to be honest, if you need a poll to tell you who to caucus for, you probably shouldn’t be caucusing.


Rudy Giuliani tweets “admiration for Donald Trump for withstanding the worst and most unjust attack ever on an American President and his family.”

Uh, JFK and Abe Lincoln say “Hi.”

How times have changed,. I remember traveling with my future husband and having to pretend we were married to check into a hotel. Now a VRBO commercial is touting “find out more about each other.”

Honestly, GOP Senators already know what Bolton was going to say, & probably believe him, so it wouldn’t have changed verdict. But clearly they decided optics of him speaking at trial were worse than optics of denying witnesses. So his story must have been REALLY bad for Trump

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2 Comments on “Super senior bowl?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    If the Chiefs steal the 9ers signals, they will of course bang on their drum and no one will notice. Also, look out for smoke signals. Not very high tech.

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