The price of things.

The University of California football team will receive $1.9 million for playing the Fighting Irish at Notre Dame in 2022. It’s all good, as long as none of their boosters travel with the team and try to buy any of the players dinner.

Terrell Owens said the NFL “should be ashamed of themselves” for the pass interference call on Kittle, especially since the league gave Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph gave a defender a near-identical shove when Minnesota scored their game winning TD against New Orleans in overtime.

There’s a lot fewer people in California this week telling Saints fans to get over it.


So did Trump fly to Kansas today to attend the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade?

So Rush Limbaugh mocked those who said smoking was bad for your health and once said, no joke, that he should get “a medal for smoking cigars.” Well, isn’t that kind of what happened? God works in mysterious ways.


Bernie Madoff’s lawyer wants early release after 10 years, as the Ponzi schemer is dying from kidney cancer – “a prison term which was “just & proportionate at time of sentencing may become disproportionately severe based on changed circumstances.”    Uh, Bernie got 150 years..

Words I never thought I’d write – Thank you Mitt Romney.

Time to start a pool, so what country is Trump going to extort to try to get dirt on Mitt Romney?


John McCain would have voted “yes” today too.

Who’s going to be be the first to sell a Nancy Pelosi origami kit?  Or a shredder?

Wow, now it’s Newt Gingrich is calling for Pelosi to be censured for ripping up Trump’s speech last night. Your reminder that Newt wanted to impeach Bill Clinton over a blow j*b while he was cheating on his 2nd wife with his future 3rd wife.


Trump has suspended Pre-Check and Global Entry programs for New York residents over the state’s sanctuary policies for immigrants. I’m sure all his “Masters of the Universe” donors from Wall Street and banks who fly frequently will be VERY understanding while they wait in long airport lines.


So residents of the state of New York will now have to wait in long lines at airports and customs. What’s Trump going to do to California? And Mitt Romney’s Utah?

Trump is having a press conference tomorrow at the White House post-impeachment trial where he will no doubt rant about the Witch Hunt. Too much to hope that someone shows up with a barrel of water to melt him?

For all this argument as to who really won Iowa, we’re talking about a total of around 150,000 votes. Almost all of them from white people who didn’t have to work or take care of children at night.


From Marc Ragovin   “This just in: 1957 Rose Bowl final: Iowa 35/Oregon State 19.”


Susan Collins “I believe the President has learned from this case.” Well, yeah, like a toddler who learns his parents will threaten but never give him so much as a time out.

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2 Comments on “The price of things.”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    I’m not saying Trump is angry, but he’s tweeting that Mitt was also the guy who didn’t vote for Jeter

  2. Martin Says:

    Greatt blog post

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