Houston, we have a problem.

This week may see Houston Astros being punished more harshly than any MLB team since the Black Sox.  Houston Texans after 1st quarter did their best to get Houston fans prepared to deal with pain.

And after rushing out to a 24-0 lead, Texans also did their best to make the 1993 Houston Oiliers, who blew a 35-3 lead to the Buffalo Bills,  feel a little better.

Happiest fans not in Kansas City with  today’s Texans-Chiefs game. Anyone who bet the 50.5 over. (which was bested in the first half.)

Julian Edelman arrested for jumping on top of a car?!! Waiting for NFL to decide which lowly member of Patriots staff they’ll blame for this one.


Pete Carroll was really upset after officials said Packers’ Jimmy Graham had a first down while replays indicated he was clearly short.   Of course had Carroll himself been able to get about a yard in four plays at end of game with 49ers two weeks ago, Seahawks might not have even been playing in Green Bay.

Marc Ragovin –   “I’m not saying it was summerlike this weekend on the East Coast, but the Orioles were just eliminated from contention.”

Wonder how city of San Jose feels about all these aerial shots yesterday of Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay supposedly outside Levi’s Stadium ? 

Actually, considering traffic from San Francisco to Santa Clara there are times when it may be faster next year for Oakland fans to fly to Las Vegas for a Raiders game, than for San Francisco fans to drive to a home 49ers game.


As Texas supports Trump xenophobia by slamming the door on immigrants and ICE announces plans to check visas at MIT, your reminder that Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian immigrant student.

This morning Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said he ‘didn’t see’ evidence of an Iranian plot to attack four embassies. Time to move Esper up in Trump firing bingo.

Trump fundraising email today for his 60-second Super Bowl ad talks about the Left being “TRIGGERED by the TRUTH”- “we’ll have a FULL BLOWN, NATIONWIDE LIBERAL MELTDOWN on our hands.” Because nothing says Presidential like a ranting all-caps email?


Wait, Trump  tweeting “don’t kill your protesters” to Iran.  Uh, wait, this is the guy who completely melts down if someone so much as holds up a negative sign at his rallies. And said in 2016 he’d like to “punch a protester in the face.”

So protest is fine, as long as it’s not directed at him.

Wonder if MAGAts would be still cheering Trump’s decision to kill Soleimani if over 100 people on that Ukranian Air plane were American?



Oscar Nominations at 818a Monday morning. Expect angry Donald Trump tweets about not being nominated for anything at about 819a.

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