Texans would like to thank the Astros for completely wiping their 24 point blown-lead from yesterday against the Chiefs off the Houston front pages.

Trying to imagine if Bob Gibson found out someone was stealing his signs. Mostly trying to imagine where the memorials would be located. 

Astros get caught cheating and ending up losing their manager, GM,  as well as draft picks.  Red Sox likely to follow.   Patriots are thinking “amateurs.’

Since MLB is issuing managerial suspensions but not punishing Astros or Red Sox players for cheating can we put Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame NOW?!

(although seriously, as a Saints fan I still maintain other teams had bounty systems.  But four New Orleans players were suspended along with coaches.  MLB isn’t even slapping players on the wrist?)

Pitchers like Phil Niekro, Tim Wakefield and Charlie Hough have to be laughing at MLB’s sign stealing scandal. Doesn’t matter if you knew a good knuckleball is coming, you still couldn’t hit it.



Reports that some fans chanted “four more years” with Trump in the Superdome tonight. But are we sure they weren’t chanting it to Joe Burrow?



As President Trump walked to the sideline of the field here at the Superdome,  a reporter asked him… “Who do you like tonight?” “Both!” he said with a thumbs up.   Of course, even with a sporting event Donald cannot bear to pick a side in advance. Because he might be wrong. #Sad


Haven’t been an initial fan of SF Giants decision to hire Gabe Kapler , especially with all the good things I’d read about Astros assistant Joe Espada. But now wonder, did Giants have some idea about what MLB investigation showed in Houston?

Not the Onion, Gwyneth Paltrow’s is doing a “Goop at Sea” cruise with Celebrity Cruises this summer to the Mediterranean. I can only imagine what the cabin fragrance will be….

Maybe the Academy thought they’d get credit for diversity with Oscar Nominations because Joker is a man of colors?

Sure looks like the only “imminent threat” involved in killing Soleimani was that emails showing Trump ordered putting a hold on Ukrainian aid were an imminent threat to derail his impeachment defense. That and maybe the Burisma hacking.

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