No bets on this one?

Reminder, as we approach NFL playoff weekend, Trump NEVER talks about rooting for a team in advance, but only attends some big $$$ events & congratulates (some) winners. No pets, no favorite teams… Because nothing can stand in his adoration of himself & Donald can never lose.

Apparently 80-90 percent of bets on Monday’s College Football Playoff so far are on LSU. Wonder how many Americans can even name who else is playing?

After missing a pair of free throws late in the first half,  Mavericks star Luka Doncic grabbed his jersey and simply tore it, right at the “V” in the lettering on his chest. How long until Dallas starts selling torn Doncic jersey replicas at a premium?


Marianne Williamson has dropped out of the Presidential race. Shocking millions of Americans who didn’t realize she was still in it.

As insane as this Meghan and Harry story is, I must say the couple does a LOT less damage to the world than  Ivanka and Jared.

Trump reportedly considering adding least SEVEN more countries – mostly Muslim and ‘low-performing’ – to his travel ban. Right, because all the latest mass shooters in US – Las Vegas, Dayton, El Paso… were all Muslim immigrants. Oh wait, never mind.


Reports that Trump privately said one reason he had Solemani killed was to ensure some  GOP  Senators would support him in the upcoming impeachment trial. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next pretend reason Trump gives. The real reason methinks – he just liked the idea of being able to kill someone.

Blue rant – Leaving aside I don’t like people trying to buy elections, no matter what side they’re on, here’s what perhaps most frustrates me about Tom Steyer:
For a long time he spent big $$$ on ads for impeachment. But now that Trump IS being impeached, Steyer’s spending big $$$ on ads especially in Nevada and South Carolina, enough to poll in double digits with voters who probably had never heard of him.
Imagine if he were using that money not to glorify himself, but to press the case with all voters that Trump is guilty. And at the very least should be voted out in November

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3 Comments on “No bets on this one?”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    Just checked my won/lost record after ten years of playing Internet chess. Not saying I’m bad, but I have now attained the rank of NewYorkKnicksCoachMaster.

  2. Marc Ragovin Says:

    I’m not saying it was summerlike this weekend, but the Orioles were just eliminated from contention

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