And I think it’s gonna be a long long time…

16 days between College Football Playoffs semi-finals and Monday’s finals. I think that’s longer than the James Wiseman era at Memphis.

Certainly it’s longer than a Scarmucci.

Notre Dame sophomore QB Phil Jurkovec has entered his name in the NCAA Transfer Portal and will look to leave the Fighting Irish.   Notice these days they aren’t even pretending anymore it’s about academics?

Joe Buck  was trending on Twitter today. And he’s not retiring .So much for getting my hopes up.

Coach Mike Leach is leaving the Pac 12 and Washington State for the SEC and Mississippi State. While the level of football competition may get higher, at least Leach won’t have to worry about distractions like classes.


So all the Republicans who voted against the War Powers Resolution are okay with the next Democratic President taking whatever military action she/he wants?

But got it, it, all these GOP cult members who want to abandon the Constitution to give Trump war powers are same folks who claim that one line in an amendment about “a well-regulated militia” justifies any number of mass shootings and murders.

Senate GOP resolution calls Pelosi’s impeachment delay a ‘flagrant violation’  Wonder what Merrick Garland thinks?

First it was blowing up Embassy in Baghdad, now Trump insists Soleimani planned to attack multiple US embassies. How long until Donald claims the Iranian general had plans to attack every city in America?

WTAF? Trump says it was a “split-second decision” to kill Soleimani. But Lindsey Graham says he was informed days earlier on the golf course. Donald isn’t even PRETENDING the truth matters anymore.


Palm Beach Atlantic University, a private Christian college, is namingng Melania Trump a“Woman of Distinction” for 2020 for being an “exquisite human being, a magnificent wife and life partner…”
Because of course, nothing says “life partner” to a Christian University like being someone’s former mistress and current third wife.

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