You can’t bet on it.

As a Saints fan, I didn’t think it was likely their current team would lose to the Vikings.

As a Spurs fan, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell their current team would come close to either the Bucks or the Celtics. (And they beat Milwaukee by 22, and Boston by 15.)
It’s why they play the games.

A fan was arrested tonight in Boston for throwing a beer towards the San Antonio bench and into the court after Kemba Walker’s ejection. Maybe the guy should have been more upset at the Celtics, losing to the lowly Wizards and now Spurs back to back?

Cleveland Cavaliers coach John Beilein now says he meant to call players “slugs” and not “thugs” when he was trying to praise them by saying they were no longer playing “like a bunch of thugs” during a film session.

Translation, he didn’t realize a film session was actually being filmed?

For my readers and friends who are on Twitter.   Okay for Ruth Bader Ginsburg we really need a “she’s healthy” emoji or “it’s all good ‘ when she starts trending. Too stressful otherwise.


Iran’s not handing over the black box from Ukraine plane that crashed seems as much a mark of innocence as Trump’s refusal to let witnesses testify in his impeachment trial.

Senator Mike Lee after an all-Senators briefing on Iran said it was “insulting” and worst he’s had from military officials in his 9 years here, he also said he would support Tim Kaine’s War Powers Resolution.
So who had the GOP Senators from UTAH as most likely to stand up to Trump?

In “Knives Out” one character vomits every time she lies. Shame for Trump’s efforts to control his weight he can’t get that problem.

“Iran is standing down.” Right, don’t all countries fire missiles at US bases when they are standing down?

And why shouldn’t we trust a President who says he has destroyed
“100% of Isis?”

Listened again to Trump Speech on Iran today. I challenge ANYONE with an older relative or friend who spoke like that to say you wouldn’t call the doctor afterwards. Or even during the speech.

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