The week goes on.

So it’s now about 6 more days until College Football Playoff Championship. By the time this game rolls around, will anyone remember who’s playing?

Patriots are awaiting discipline for illegal videotaping, Red Sox now being investigated for using their video room to steal signs. So should NBA check out the Celtics?

So how is Trump going to blame Puerto Rico for their earthquake?

Got it, Iran reportedly kills a US contractor in an air strike and we kill one of their top generals. Saudi Arabia deliberately murders a journalist who’s a legal US resident and we invite their leaders to the White House.



Duncan Hunter has resigned. Is it too soon to start the pool – will his next job be at Fox News or in Trump White House?



So if you believe in ghosts who do you hope John McCain is haunting tonight? Donald Trump or Lindsey Graham?

I  miss the days when a US President dealt with stress by having an inappropriate relationship with an intern.

Btw, Trump’s tweet tonight contained no misspellings and no all caps. Does anyone really believe he wrote it?

If Trump HAD written the tweet himself, “All is well” definitely would have been “ALL IS WELL.” For starters. All Caps

Curiously enough “All is well” is what a man might think if after falling off the Empire State Building he was still 50 floors from the ground.


Actually if Iran wanted to retaliate at Trump in a way that really hurt him without costing lives, could they just find a way to delete his Twitter account?


Did Sir Thomas More in the 1530s foresee the GOP and the cult of Trump “I think that when statesmen forsake their own private consciences for the sake of their public duties, they lead their country by a short route to chaos.”

Meanwhile, back at the impeachment hearings?  Can ANYONE cite a case where an innocent defendant wanted all the actual witnesses NOT to testify?

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