Blew dat

Can point to at least a dozen New Orleans mistakes in Saints-Vikings game that would have changed the game.  But even so, it still has to come down to a questionable call?


Driving home tonight I heard Tom Tolbert on KNBR ask former 49er Brent Jones about the last play of the Saints -Vikings game. Brent says, “Well, I’m a homer and I played offense so means I’m always biased, And it was absolutely OPI and I have no idea why they didn’t review it.”
And then Jones went on to explain exactly how Rudolph did it and why it was a penalty.
Yeah, New Orleans made a lot mistakes so it shouldn’t have been that close. But still… Not that I won’t get over this, eventually.


Damn. But  Amy Klobuchar is a big Vikings fan.   And I did tell someone at a fall event for her that as much as I love Saints I’d choose her Vikings to beat them IF meant winning the White House in November.  And I meant it.  Okay, universe, your move.


Figured after New Orleans Saints loss yesterday that it wasn’t going to get any more fun with “my’ NBA team – the struggling in 2019 San Antonio Spurs tonight since they were playing the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA’s best team.  And WTF? This is why sports IS the best reality TV.

(124 Spurs- 106 Bucks,  Milwaukee’s worst loss of year.)

Mike McCarthy reportedly signed a 5-year deal with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, the same as Ron Rivera signed with Dan Snyder and the Redskins. Too soon to start a pool on whether which of them gets fired first?


Timothée Chalamet will play Bob Dylan in a upcoming bio-pic. So will Chalamet have to take lessons to learn how to sing that badly?

So did Judge Judy endorse Bloomberg because Mike promised if elected to put her on the Supreme Court?

30 women tonight competing to win the heart (or something) of the man who is best known in American for having sex in a windmill. Their parents must be so proud. #TheBachelor.

I suppose it was too much to ask that Trump speak out offering sympathy and help to Australia with their bush fires.  Maybe if we tell him there will be fewer animals for his sons to shoot. 

So George Lopez made a joke about assassinating Trump & MAGAts are losing it.  (Lopez referenced the $80 million bounty on Trump, and said he’d do it for half that.)

I missed the outrage over Ted Nugent’s 2012 “We need to chop their heads off.. If Barack Obama becomes president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

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