Just a number

Asked postgame about retirement, Tom Brady, age 42,  – “It’s pretty unlikely….hopefully unlikely.” Translation, depends how much Gisele wants him out of the house.


So if Tom Brady really wants to prove he’s GOAT why not sign a free agent contract with Washington? If he can make Redskins a Super Bowl team someone will make billions on edible hats.

And who had a pick 6 as the possible last play of Tom Brady’s career?

Note to Pete Carroll.  For future first and goals inside the two-yard line, this is how it’s done, giving the ball to your superstar running back is how it’s done. #DerrickHenry

NFL told ESPN New England Patriots will be disciplined for acknowledged game-day video violations against Cleveland Browns. So the league will slap Bill Belichick’s hand REALLY hard?

Vince Carter, 42, tonight became the first NBA player to appear in 4 decades. And somewhere NHL legend Gordie Howe is thinking “Nice job, young man, if you can keep it up.”

In an interview, Meat Loaf said he didn’t believe in climate change & called Greta Thunberg “‘brainwashed.” Well, guessing Meatloaf figured why should Kid Rock and Ted Nugent be only washed-up rockers invited to the White House.



Trump told evangelicals at his rally “God is on our side.” Because so many people watch Donald’s insanity in action and REALLY start praying?

Your reminder that Jill Stein said “On the issue of war it is actually Hillary’s policies which are much scarier than Donald Trump.”

As required within 48 hours of introducing military powers into armed conflict abroad,  the White House has formally notified Congress of the Soleimani strike.  Like notifying your parents that you borrowed the car after they see pictures of the accident on the news.


Still waiting for Trump to tell us why this contractor killed in December was so much more important than Otto Warmbier and Jamal Khashoggi?

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