Florida prosecutors have decided to charge Robert Kraft only with misdemeanors and not felony prostitution offenses last year. Makes sense, Patriots never get punished too harshly for anything involving balls.

Saints wanted to wear alternate “Color Rush” uniforms, white with black and gold, for this weekend’s wildcard game, but the No Fun League said no. Well, at least the NFL didn’t punish New Orleans for asking.


Having been to games at the Superdome, can tell you security is tight under most game situations, let alone a national championship. Now add the additional measures, and street closures etc, needed for a Presidential visit.
New Orleans already voted for Hillary 80 to 14% But at this point Trump will be as popular in town as last year’s NFL Championship refs.

But imagine if Obama started a war while golfing and the next day announced he’d be spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to bring his Congressional buddies to a sporting event.

An Ohio sheriff escaped serious injury when he was sitting in his patrol car just after midnight on January 1 and struck by a falling celebratory bullet.   He and his colleague were parked to record a PSA video to warn against the “celebratory” gunshots being fired on New Year’s Eve. You cannot make this “stuff” up.

I miss the times when this would be the day’s most outrageous story: Lori Loughlin has reportedly hired a coach to prepare her for possible jail time. Wonder if Loughlin tried first to bribe the judge or fake her sentence with a picture of her in a prison jumpsuit?

WTF?, Trump at his evangelical rally tonight in Florida promised to put prayer in schools. Got news for him. With all the mass shooting and scares recently there’s already a lot of prayer in schools.

Okay, just for fun can someone ask Donald Trump what his favorite bible verse is? 

So I’m somehow missing news coverage of the stampede by MAGAts to enlist for this new war dear leader has started.


“To start a war in order to get re-elected, and I believe that’s going to happen, would be an outrage.” Donald J. Trump, November 2011.

So is “plotting imminent and sinister attacks” Trumpspeak for having WMDs?”


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One Comment on “Ballsy?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    I see Robert Kraft did not have a Happy Ending on Saturday.

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