Blow ups

On a lighter note ESPN breaking news says the Cowboys have parted ways with coach Jason Garrett.
Wouldn’t it be bigger news if Jerry Jones kept him?


Redskins owner Dan Snyder introduced new coach Ron Rivera as, “someone that can bring a winning culture to our organization.”

“A winning culture?!  In Washington under Snyder?  Is Rivera showing up with blue ribbon yogurt?

Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán suspended 81 games for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy. So will NY trade him to a contender after the All-Star Break and then resign him in 2021?

RIP Don Larson. Had to look it up, but it was 25 years between his perfect game in 1956 and the last time Yankees and Dodgers met in World Series. (1981) It’s been 39 years since then.

He wasn’t my candidate, but saw Julian Castro trending and learned he’d dropped out of race and felt a bit wistful.  Saw Marianne Williamson trending and learned she HADN’T dropped out of race and felt more than a bit sad.


Trump bragged on Twitter that unlike Benghazi there were “no dead Americans” in the attack on our Embassy in Iraq.
How many are going to die in the war he just started?

Was on a flight when the strike happened, or was announced, and in the movie list “Dr. Strangelove” is listed as a comedy. Maybe it was before we started living through the documentary.


So far not feeling good at all about this “Wag the Dog” remake.



Ignorance or apathy? Trump didn’t know that assassinating a foreign general would start a war? Or he doesn’t care?
(Or both?)

A few hours ago top US political news was “Newly redacted emails showed Administration officials said the freeze on Ukraine’s military aid was done under “clear direction” from Donald Trump. I’m sure the timing of tonight’s killing of an Iranian general was just a coincidence.
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2 Comments on “Blow ups”

  1. Frank Workman Says:

    Re: Don Larsen. Dodgers swept the Yankees in ‘63.

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