Deja vu all over again.


Apparently having the Seachickens first and goal at the one-yard line in a big game is exactly where a team wants them to win the game.   

Well of course it makes some sense that you get a delay of game with less than 30 seconds left in game at the 1 yard line on the goal line on the road… Oh wait, game was in #Seattle. #PeteCarroll is a bleeping idiot.

Although while Pete Carroll stupidity plays a huge part, even when Saints aren’t playing they get screwed by a missed blatant pass-interference call.  


Tom Brady and New England Patriots don’t have a first-round bye for first time since 2009. Thoughts and prayers.

Sigh, nothing is certain but death, taxes, and Detroit Lions blowing leads in 4th quarters.

The Lions played the Packers twice this year. Green Bay NEVER led in the game.  But won both (as time expired.)   That should give Detroit a special place in the “Snatching Defeat from Victory” Hall of Fame.

Owner Dan Snyder has apparently relieved Washington team president Bruce Allen of responsibilities for football operations, and Snyder himself will hire next head coach. The Redskins are almost as well-oiled a machine as the White House.

As Trump attacks California and Texas over their homeless population, worth noting that the highest homelessness by percentage in US is Washington, DC. So if Donald has grand ideas to fix things perhaps he could issue a local Executive Order from his White House bedroom?

If anyone doubted what a good job Nancy Pelosi is doing with impeachment, take a look at how often Trump is tweeting and retweeting deranged things about her.

Headline “‘Heroic’ parishioners stop Texas church shootout in 6 seconds.” Better future headline “America figures out a way to stop having shootouts in church.” #GunControlNow

Easy to get kicked off Twitter, almost impossible to be kicked off Facebook. Trump tonight retweeted a post praising conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer, who has been kicked off Facebook. Enough said.


Several people attacked at a Hannakuh ceremony last night and Trump first  reaction is to spend morning attacking..Nancy Pelosi?! Are we great yet?


Took Trump several hours before he responded on the latest church shooting.  Don’t suppose this has anything to do with it – From Gallup earlier this year. “65% of Jews identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, with 30% identifying with or leaning toward the Republican Party.

Or was he waiting in hopes that of finding out the shooter was an immigrant.

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