Making moves

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has “relieved” GM Bruce Allen of his duties.   This is like a rotting fish head getting rid of some gills.

GM Ryan Pace says Chicago Bears are committed to Mitchell Trubisky as their starting QB for 2020.   Translation, they don’t have any better options.

Baylor coach Matt Rhule turned down interview with the Cleveland Browns. Apparently Rhule is holding out for a better amateur team?

After being booed at Oakland home games, Derek Carr on Raiders move to Las Vegas “It’s exciting. I think it’s time for some fresh air.” Right, because forget Oakland Silver & Black die-hards.   No stadium will be as loyal as one where 99% of fans will have $$$ bet on the game?

More on that Sunday night game.  With 4 downs to get it in from the 1, Russell Wilson could have spiked the ball TWICE and Marshawn Lynch would have had two chances to win the game. 

Baseball Hall of Fame voting results will be announced on January 21.  Many baseball writers thought Barry Bonds was an a**hole, which isn’t helping his chances. But anyone who won’t consider Bonds and voted to put  Curt Schilling in… well, I’m white and think you just might be a racist.


CES  – Consumer Electronics Show – often attacked for their lack of women speakers – has now named Ivanka Trump  a keynote speaker for their January convention in Las Vegas.   Why?  Because unlike dad,  Nepotism Barbie knows how to use spell-check on her phone?

White House twitter feed is boasting about Donald Trump’s “spending Thanksgiving” with troops in Afghanistan.   Uh, please, he spent less than three hours on the ground.  Maybe his bone spurs started acting up.


As we approach the end of 2019, have to ask Twitter,  if any other human being had spewed as much hatred and as many attacks on other Americans as Donald Trump would he (or she) be allowed to keep his account in 2020?


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