Fighting off?

As a Stanford grad I know we’re supposed to root for Pac 12 at all times. But can’t help smiling watching USC losing by more than three touchdowns to Iowa.

For years, the maximum allowable gift value for players in Bowl Games has been $550 per player, and none of the gifts can be sold. Despite arguments, the NCAA has come against raising that limit.
Meanwhile, for the top bowl games, a decent ticket costs more than $550.

CNN showing their top 10 sports stories of the year. #5 “Blown call costs Saints spot in Super Bowl.”
See, it’s not just New Orleans fans who know. #SaintsWereRobbed #WhoDatNation

Antonio Brown is working out for the Saints. Have to assuming Sean Payton is just f*cking with Roger Goodell.

Washington Capitals. Alex Ovechkin, who just returned from Mar-A-Lago, says despite being voted by fans as All-Star Game Captain he’ll accept a one-game suspension and miss the game to “listen to his body.” So did he miss the message from his body not to go party for a few days and eat junk food with Donald?

Melting down over a movie cameo cut by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 2014? With all due respect I have blueberries in my fridge with thicker skins than Trump.

Story that Trump is looking for a new Secretary of State since Mike Pompeo is expected to run for Senate. Based on today’s news reports have to wonder if Edward Gallagher is now on the list?

Look, it’s pretty simple. If it was a “perfect phone call,” and Trump is innocent, he should want as many witnesses as possible testifying. Period.

Now after midnight on the East Coast on a holiday weekend, I challenge ANYONE with an elderly parent to read @realDonaldTrump late night ranting Twitter feed tonight & tell me if were your parent you wouldn’t be on phone tomorrow to their doctor.

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