Fight on and off

USC’s recruiting class is ranked last in Pac 12 and from 74th to 85th in all of college football. Did Clay Hilton use as a consultant Lori Loughlin?

Ouch, Washington Wizards led 93-75 with 8:21 left in the fourth and lost 110-109 in OT to the Chicago Bulls.  Or as Trump calls it, a great win. Anything else is Fake News.


As we head into NFL week 16, this from the very funny Hartley Miller  “A new survey says the average American wakes up grumpy 300 days of the year. Make that 365 days if your name is Bill Belichick”

Thought I have to ask  – is  “waking up Grumpy, the job that Melania delegates to the Secret Service when Donald oversleeps?”

Bed Bath & Beyond just announced the departure of six members of its executive team. Assume the company will at least will give all six a 20% store discount for life?

Anybody but me getting to the point when you see wines advertised as “age until at least 2030-40” and thinking “as if my tastebuds will be able to tell the difference in 20-30 years?”

Trump quoting Ken Starr on impeachment. “The evidence has to be overwhelming, and it is not. It’s not even close.” Is it too late for the Democrats to call as a witness Stormy Daniels?

Trump’s actions toward Biden resulted in impeachable offenses. But does anyone think Donald hasn’t committed crimes trying to get dirt on any of his other potential 2020 rivals?

Tulsi Gabbard voted “Present” on Impeaching Trump. Leaving everything else aside, she honestly thinks Americans might elect her to make hard choices?
Trump rally in Battle Creek tonight. Makes sense, his coloring looks as natural as an orange Fruit Loop. #Kelloggs

Donald Trump at his cult rally tonight “I could have Barron Trump go into Central Park and he’d get a crowd. He’d get a bigger crowd,” than Elizabeth Warren. Uh, Melania,  think we have a exploitation of a “13 year old who wants and deserves privacy” alert. #BeBest

GOP comparing Trump’s impeachment to the crucifixion of Jesus and Pearl Harbor. What’s next, they’ll say it’s as bad as someone saying “Happy Holidays?”

Wonder if someone in GOP was going to compare impeaching Trump to clubbing baby seals until they remembered that Don Jr, probably thinks that’s sport?

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