Drew dat

Sometimes people ask why I am a Saints fan. I ask, how can you not be? #WhoDat
Tweet from @drewbrees
I am so grateful for New Orleans and the #whodatnation. We have shared many amazing moments together, and last night was very special. Thank you for being part of this journey. We are not done yet!




RIP legendary College Football coach Hayden Fry, 90.
After he was fired from SMU in 1972 he had one of my all-time favorite lines .
“I won’t say goodbye because it sounds so final, I won’t say farewell because it sounds so trite. But I’ve pinned a sprig of mistletoe to my coat tails, and as I leave, you’ll get the message.”

With all the games already this season where the outcome was changed by bad calls, does anyone really think we’ll get through NFL playoffs without another major referee game-changing mistake?

NFL suspended Josh Gordon “indefinitely” for violating league’s policies on PED’s and substances of abuse. So, sadly, congratulations to all those who had Dec 16 in the pool.

In Northern England, a man sprayed the inside of his car with apparently a  lot of air freshener, then lit a cigarette. The car exploded.   (He received only minor injuries)

Your move, Florida.

After today’s letter from Trump to Pelosi will they change “Hail to the Chief” to “poor poor pitiful me?”

As unfair as the Salem Witch Trials were to the women accused, if McConnell gets his way the Senate impeachment trial will be more unfair to democracy.

As Trump takes his number of tweet rants up over 100 a day, has he forgotten that he and GOP have been doing their best to discourage actual reading?


WTAF? Trump calls himself a “very successful (Economy Plus) President of the United States.” As a travel agent can tell you almost no one really loves Economy Plus, it’s same lousy coach seats on United a few inches further apart for up to $250 more per flight.

More on  “Economy Plus”. Does the stable genius realize United was losing so much business to other airlines w/ actual upgraded mid-class seats that they came out w/ “Premium Plus”, a separate mid-class cabin. Can’t wait until USA can upgrade to at least a Premium Plus President!

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