Bye bye Black Hole


So as the Raiders prepare to leave Oakland again, too soon to lay odds on how long until Las Vegas doesn’t want them either?

Unhappiest people who aren’t 49er fans after Atlanta Falcons not only came back to take a 23-22 lead with two seconds to go, but scored another touchdown and won 29-22 when San Francisco fumbled during a  series of laterals during the ensuing kickoff -anyone who bet the under. (Which closed at 49.)

Three interceptions for Bengals QB Andy Dalton today. Almost like the Patriots knew what was coming. Oh wait, maybe they did. #Spygate2

Seriously, Hallmark, in an era when so many people just do online cards or send wishes on social media, you really want to antagonize all LGBTQ folks and most of the American card-buying public by caving to a few homophobes? 

(and after I wrote this, Hallmark apparently figured this out too and apologized and put the ads back.)

Diamondbacks at least better than the Dodgers. #MadisonBumgarner #ForeverGiant


Just thinking Farhan Zaidi is not going to be the most popular person if he decides to show up in the stands at SF Giants games in 2020.

At this time Ted Cruz has become such a #Cult45 member that he’d probably make excuses if Donald’s threatened Canada unless Trudeau produced evidence that Rafael Cruz did help kill JFK.

Whatever is preventing Donald Trump from golfing these days, it sure is making him cranky.

Trump tweeted about  Nancy Pelosi saying she was crazy and had teeth falling out.  Since with Donald everything is projection, I have to assume he’s having serious trouble with his dentures.


Donnie Jr. tweeting on Jeff van Drew “So great to see someone willing to put party politics aside and call balls and strikes when they see them.” (Like Mitt Romney earlier this year?) This quote will age well…

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