More than one thing at once…

So yeah, I was obsessively following Democratic Debate all night. But also have noticed Spurs making a great late game comeback to beat Nets. Women can multitask. Elect more of us.

Projected top NBA pick James Wiseman, currently suspended 12 games over an NCAA investigation, has withdrawn from Memphis and declared for the draft.  Well, the Tigers were only 2-1 in the Wiseman era.

Wonder how long  it will take for Wiseman to declare his time at Memphis some of the best weeks of his life.

So did USDA add then remove Wakanda as a trade partner because Trump preferred better relations with Gilead?

Yeah, I’m biased at this point but Amy Klobuchar’s answer on impeachment should be a campaign commercial. One of the best cases for impeachment I have heard from a Democrat. #GlobalWatergate

All these talk of how tonight’s Democratic Debate is the least diverse…. Uh, at this point we’ve had more Presidents of color than we’ve had Presidents who are women.
And there are two women on the stage tonight.

Tom Steyer wants to take credit for impeachment. While at the same time, once House actually started impeachment proceedings Steyer stopped spending money on impeachment ads in favor of ads for himself.

Not a Tom Steyer fan, but he is right on this one. Trump is not against immigration. He is against immigration by non-white people.

Elizabeth Warren when told she’d be the oldest person ever inaugurated. She responded “But I’d be the youngest woman.” Well played.

So mentioning Trump’s youngest son in a sentence causes GOP to clutch their pearls, but implying a beloved ex-Congressman is in Hell is just “riffing?” Are we great yet?

Trump latest fundraising email praises Jeff Van Drew, “I’m PROUD to announce that he is officially the newest member of the Republican Party.”
Since Van Drew is all about saving his own a**, and is in a purple district, too soon to start a pool on when he will do something Donald doesn’t like thus prompting a twitter attack?

Well, of course Jeff Van Drew told Trump he has his “undying support.” We all know how much Donald values loyalty and reciprocates it.

Trump says tonight “I want an immediate trial!” Fine, then show up with witnesses. And take the stand. #impeachment

How desperate was Trump today? He’s retweeting a picture of him inappropriately hugging a flag, and a MAGA tweet complimenting him from September 2018. #Sad

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