New York $tate of Mind.

Gerrit Cole will be 39 by the end of his $324 million 9 year contract. But if he doesn’t live up to it I’m sure Yankees fans and the New York media will be warm and understanding.

Not that Brandon Crawford is doing badly but guessing his brother-in-law Gerrit Cole will be picking up dinner checks for a while.

Though have to wonder, was it worth that last $40-50 million the Yankees gave Cole to live through East Coast summers, and to shave?


Jets RB Le’Veon Bell, suffering from flu, was ruled too contagious to play last weekend, so he went…. bowling? Apparently the team will not discipline Bell as he didn’t actually break any rules. Maybe they should, however, check him for concussions? #cantfixstupid

(And wonder how other folks at the bowling alley are feeling? Literally.)
New England coach Bill Belichick on the latest Patriots’ videotaping incident – “We don’t knowingly, intentionally want to do anything that’s across the line.”
I like “I had no idea there was anything wrong with my balls” better.

Marc Ragovin  “With the firing of David Fizdale, the Central Park carousel is now completely populated with former NY Knicks coaches.”

thinking there’s got to be a clown car joke in here somewhere.
Maybe the way Democrats can get Americans outraged enough on a bipartisan basis to demand Mitch McConnell call a Senate vote is to point out that without Net Neutrality it will be harder to download free porn.


Maybe we’re thinking about this all wrong? Maybe the reason Trump needs to flush 10-15 times isn’t related to bodily functions but getting rid of records and notes. Too much paper clogs toilets too.

US Attorney General William Barr – “Justice Department is taking a closer look at decades-old laws that spare tech companies from being held liable for content posted by their users”
So can Americans sue Twitter for allowing Trump’s violence-inciting hate speech?

So it’s clearly time to move FBI director Christopher Wray up in Trump firing bingo.

GOP chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel is going after Adam Schiff “Why won’t he testify? What’s he hiding?”
Since GOP and Trump continue to complain about witnesses, might ask the same about Donald “Why won’t he testify. What’s he hiding?”

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