How the mighty have deflated.

Patriots acknowledged their production crew inappropriately filmed the field and sideline during Sunday’s game between the Bengals and Browns which they called “an unintended oversight.”
New England plays 1-12 Cincinnati next weekend.
When you need to cheat to beat the BENGALS? #Sad


Uh, yeah, I know football doesn’t appeal to our better angels in many ways. But to all those who have given me crap about the Saints because of bounty-gate. I give you 49ers announcer Greg Papa this morning on KNBR about Witherspoon’s personal foul on Jared Cook. “Turned out to be a great play for 49ers” because the Saints missed the 2 point conversion and it “knocked Cook out of the game.” Papa added, if Cook stayed in, he thought New Orleans would have won.
Thinking if they’re being honest a whole lot of teams/fans root for injuries.

Russia has been banned from 2020 Olympics over doping scandal.
Will Trump have the US pull out in solidarity?

Actually Russian athletes can compete, but under a neutral flag.  So they can win medals but won’t get to/have to listen to their national anthem if they win.  Which means maybe Trump can offer the winners dual citizenship?

Stephen Strasburg stays with Nats on $245M seven-year deal. $245 million? That’s almost enough for a month of Trump golf weekends.

One of the many problems with social media advertising is that the algorithms and/or AI don’t seem to have a “not NOW” filter.
Was reading up on the horrific volcano explosion in New Zealand and got an ad for White Island Tours “Experience NZ’s most active volcano with us.”  Ouch.


The latest parent charged with paying Rick Singer to cheat is pleading guilty to paying $9,000 to have someone take online classes for her son so he could graduate from Georgetown University.
Enough to make you long for the days when parents just built their kids’ elementary school science projects.

James Comey tweeted “FYI: I offered to go on Fox & Friends to answer all questions. I can’t change their viewers on Donald Trump but hoped to give them some actual facts about the FBI. They booked me for tomorrow at 8 am. They just cancelled. Must have read the report.”

The Democratic establishment is NOT perfect folks, I get it. But if you have any question about the alternative, watch GOP members of Congress in action during these impeachment hearings.

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