Where Dat Defense?

Well, at least Drew Brees is now back ahead of Tom Brady for career TD passes. But he and Saints would have traded that for a win today.

Seen this before but from a guy named Matt on Twitter. “When I die I want the Saints defense to lower me into my grave, so they can let me down one last time.”

Patriots lost today to Chiefs after two controversial calls went against New England. Reaction from 29 other teams in NFL “Thoughts and Prayers.”

As CFB playoffs are set, have to wonder, could any team from NFC East qualify?

Let’s see, Miss Universe 2019 is a black woman from South
Africa. And runners up were Puerto Rico and Mexico. Who restrained Trump from rant tweeting over the top three?

The alleged Pensacola shooter was one of 852 Saudi nationals in the U.S. for military training provided under a security cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia. He was also apparently tweeting anti-America statements in the days before the shooting.
Uh, is anyone checking social media posts of the other 851, those who weren’t also detained now in Florida after the shooting?-

Apparently Saudi Pensacola gunman visited New York City, including Rockefeller Center just days before the shooting. I’m sure he was just going for Christmas shopping….

Trump and White House have announced they will not “participate in that sham hearing of impeachment.   Wonder what GOP would have done if instead of testifying for 11 hours Hillary Clinton refused “to participate in that sham hearing” on Benghazi?


If Hunter Biden being on the board of a Ukrainian gas company was so egregious and part of a larger security threat to the US, why didn’t GOP investigate him when they  controlled both the House and Senate. For that matter, why didn’t they pass all the great legislation Trump and Republicans are now promising us when they controlled both the House and Senate?

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