The way the ping pong ball may bounce?

Who’d a thunk the Knicks and Warriors would be playing in December 2019 in a battle for both teams with lottery seeding implications?

University of Phoenix has agreed to a $191 million settlement, including $141 million in loan forgiveness, with FTC over deceptive advertising,
Gosh, to make up all that $$$ University of Phoenix will have to schedule a lot of football games against SEC teams.


Hey SF Giants, I  know it’s a rebuilding time, But, hey ,the stadium is paid off, and you could recapture a lot of goodwill from skeptical and disappointed fans JUST by keeping Madison Bumgarner. Signed, the Lunatic and not-so-Lunatic fringe. #ForeverGiant

WTF NY Times? “If the President continues his latest line of attack, Wray will have to decide how to lead the agency while his boss promulgates the inaccurate conclusion that the FBI plotted to sabotage Trump’s Presidential campaign in 2016.”
Uh, “promulgates the inaccurate conclusion?” How about simply “lies about the FBI?

The Oakland City Council President has floated the idea to use a cruise ship to house up to 1,000 of the city’s homeless population.     Many hurdles remain, including, would people prefer the streets to a Carnival Cruise ship?

From Cory Booker fundraising email. All other (non-billionaire) Democratic candidates so far in the Presidential primaries have spent less than $30 million on ads.
Tom Steyer has spent over $79 million on ads so far.
Michael Bloomberg has spent almost $100 million.

Yet another reason Democrats need to win Congress. Election finance reform.

So what price did Lindsey Graham get for his soul?

As upset as Trump was to lose “Person of the Year” to Greta Thunberg, imagine if he had lost to one of the other finalists… Nancy Pelosi.

DIANNE FEINSTEIN: Your investigation also uncovered text messages between FBI employees expressing support for Trump, correct?
FEINSTEIN: So FBI employees held personal political views that were both favorable & unfavorable toward the candidate at that time?

Women cut through the bullsh*t.


Rudy Giuliani has reached a divorce settlement with third wife, Judith Nathan. So guess what, ladies? He’s single.

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