Whose fault?

The 0-11 Cincinnati Bengals have benched rookie QB Ryan Finley after 3 games, and are returning to Andy Dalton. In related news, the Bengals presumably will be replacing their sideline benches with deck chairs from the Titanic.

LeBron James says he gives “a lot of credit to the Spurs” for improving his 3-point shot, because of the way San Antonio beat his Cavaliers in 2007, and the scheme they used that forced him to learn how to shoot. Hmm, instead of giving credit, why didn’t he just sign to play with Pop?

Small consolation but Saints fans know that not even the refs could get Rams anywhere near the Super Bowl this year.

Saints coach Sean Payton now lobbying for replay review to be decided by 3 officials, instead of just 1. Payton also noted Canadian Football League uses group to decide its pass interference replays. Right, but if only NFL had as much money as the CFL…

In response to those who said Trump was “chosen by God,” is the USA now the nation equivalent of Job?


Supreme Court gave Trump an emergency stay on releasing his tax returns, but gave him a deadline of Dec 5. to file a brief. Will Donald hand-write his own brief by Sharpie?

So who figured Trump would be seen with any dog in White House. Bonus points for guessing he would use the dog to threaten the press? “It’s trained that if you open your mouths, you will be attacked. You want to be very, very careful.” #NotTheOnion

Judge ruled former White House counsel Don McGahn must testify in House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry.
Well, aren’t Trump and his supporters claiming no one who actually has talked to Donald is testifying? So this should be a win-win.


Meghan McCain defending her friendship with Lindsey Graham, even though Lindsey is fighting with their friend Joe Biden, saying it’s “literally like watching family members go after each other.” “I think Trump appears to do weird things to people.” What was Meghan’s first clue?

Wait, seeing online shopping ads “Cyber Week starts now.” Except Cyber Monday isn’t supposed to be until NEXT Monday. Can we just declare all of November-December the new “Black Friday’ and be done with it?

Let’s make it simple. Democrats should agree to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings as thoroughly as we investigate those of the Trump spawn.

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