No bull in Durham.

Stephen F. Austin beat No. 1 Duke 85-83 in Durham Tuesday night on a buzzer-beating layup. Two responses from most casual sports fans. 1. Wow. Duke lost at home? 2. Who does Stephen F. Austin play for?


Trump rally Tuesday night  in Sunrise, Florida. Well, on bright news for local NFL fans, at this point he can’t make the 2-9 Miami Dolphins much worse. #ETTD


A Saints fan decided the time was right in the Superdome last Sunday and took advantage of his girlfriend being distracted during New Orleans’ game-winning drive to give a nearby fan his phone and had her record his proposal while Will Lutz made the game winning kick.

Fortunately the kick went through and she said yes. Now that’s faith.  #WhoDat

Latest College Football Playoff Rankings.  Some controversy at the very top, but two SEC teams currently slated to make the playoffs. So for NCAA, all’s right with their world.

1. Ohio State (11-0)
2. LSU (11-0)
3. Clemson (11-0)
4. Georgia (10-1)
5. Alabama (10-1)
6. Utah (10-1)
7. Oklahoma (10-1)
8. Minnesota (10-1)
9. Baylor (10-1)


NFL now admits that BOTH tripping calls in New England Dallas game Sunday were wrong, one which came as Cowboys were driving towards a possible game winning score late in the fourth quarter.  Well, this ought to take care of many fans contention that Roger Goodell and the league are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Patriots.

Three games on NFL schedule Thursday, starting with 5-8 Bears vs 3-7-1 Lions. So looks like the Thanksgiving turkey will be served early this year.


So who had Nov 26 for the date when Trump would first throw Rudy Giuliani under the bus? #thoughtsandprayers


Trump during turkey pardon – “Democrats accusing me of being too soft on Turkey [pun intended]. But Bread & Butter…unlike previous witnesses, you & I have actually met… ” If we only had a President who didn’t forbid witnesses from testifying. Time to impeach Hillary?

A question for those who call themselves 100% pro-life on Dreamers?    If you demand a child be born even from rape or incest, because it wasn’t its fault to be conceived, how can you possibly demand children who were taken to the US be deported?

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