V is for what?

Washington QB Dwayne Haskins got distracted and somehow missed the final snap of yesterday’s win over Detroit because he was taking a selfie with a fan.

To, be fair, pretty sure as QB of 2019 Redskins, Haskins hadn’t done much practice of the “V for Victory” formation.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said it was “pretty glaring as to why we couldn’t get it done” in going after coaching as a factor in the loss. And who wouldn’t want to take over from Jason Garrett in Dallas next year with that kind of support?

New Orleans somehow pulled that game out against Panthers yesterday.  But deep down didn’t we all know the first overturned non-call for defensive pass interference was going to go against the Saints?

So do Saints fans get a discount on all upcoming physicals because we’ve already had our cardiac stress test today?

Don’t look now, but NY Jets have won three games in a row.  Well, surely they can’t keep this up, so looking ahead…    Oh, next week Jets opponent the Cincinnati Bengals. Never mind.


“This Presidential race really needed Michael Bloomberg” said almost no one.

If Trump shot someone in middle of 5th Avenue now, GOP would claim the victim had committed suicide.

Richard Spencer is a Marine Corps Veteran and was nominated BY Trump as Secretary of the Navy. Today Donald made Richard resign because Spencer couldn’t accept a war criminal being reinstated to the Seals. Are we great yet?


I miss the days when trolls were cute little plastic dolls with long furry colored hair.


Used to say I was a Democrat but I voted for the person not the party. In the days when there WERE reasonable Republicans. (a couple at least on our city council.) But I don’t vote for cult members. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020


And in all seriousness,  anyone who’s read the Mueller report knows what Team Trump did before the election. And now after some impeachment hearings we know more of what they’ve done since. Imagine what they’ll do with a second term.

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