Well, to be fair Stanford should let Cal borrow the Axe once a decade. #BigGame


Pac 12 plays 1 more conference game than SEC & tends to avoid the real “little sisters of the poor” games. Today Oregon goes down by 3 to ASU in Tempe while Alabama wins by 63 at home against Western Carolina.
But yeah, get out violins if there aren’t 2 SEC teams in playoffs.

The NFL has issued 33 players a total of $732,422 in fines from the brawl at end of Steelers and Browns game. $732,422?!! That might be more than more than Cleveland gate receipts.

Meanwhile cure for the longest losing streak of Gregg Popovich’s time in San Antonio?  Play the Knicks.

Andrew Yang and his supporters are so upset over lack of coverage that they want to Boycott. MSNBC, Uh, maybe besides Yang spouting his own programs & theories Andrew could spend a little time actually supporting other Democrats running for local & state offices?

Reports that both secretary of the Navy and the admiral who leads the SEALs have threatened to resign or be fired if POTUS stops the expulsion of a commando from the elite unit convicted in a war crimes case.

If so, how long until Trump refers to the entire military leadership as “Never Trumpers?”


Now it’s Pompeo. Is there anyone in the Trump administration who isn’t dirty?


Not a problem I will have, but sharing this idea from my Twitter friend Tony Posnanski
“I will be changing my wifi password to “IMPEACH45” this Thursday so that my MAGA family members have to put that in their devices to have some of my delicious WiFi.”
Don Jr. is fundraising for his dad “Contribute $50 or more TODAY to claim your HAND-SIGNED copy of my new book TRIGGERED.”
If you donate more do you get to choose the color crayon?
It’s Saturday night, which means once again, Americans sadly playing the game “Is this the nightly news covering Trump or the SNL cold open?
Some part of me wonders if Trump pardoning all these war criminals isn’t just a pathetic way to continue trying to get back at Senator John McCain?
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