Circling dates on the calendar.

What a difference a year makes. In 2019 NBA teams were thrilled to see Warriors because it would increase ticket sales, this year they’re glad to see Golden State because it increases the chances of a win.

Lots of big rivalry games Saturday –   Cal vs. Stanford,  USC vs UCLA.  And some interesting match-ups with Ohio State vs Penn State,  and Baylor vs. Texas.  Even Boston College vs ND.  Meanwhile, Alabama, whose fans complain they should be in CFB playoff even with a loss, proves their strength of schedule by playing… Western Carolina?!!

Good news for Bears fans. QB Mitchell Trubisky, injured in Rams game Sunday night, has recovered enough to start against Giants Sunday. Bad news for Bears fans. QB Mitchell Trubisky, injured in Rams game Sunday night, has recovered enough to start against Giants Sunday.


Now Mike Bloomberg bought $31 million in ads, Tom Steyer
spent over $47 million in 1st 3 months of his campaign. That $$$ could flip Senate, or enough local races to make major dent in GOP gerrymandering.
Miss the old days when men bought Playboy to take care of fantasies


So as Sandusky was re-sentenced today (simply a technicality)  have to wonder, if he were a long-time Trump supporter, would Donald claim he didn’t know Jerry? Or that the accusations were “fake news?”

Wait, the same President who can’t find time to appear before the House Intelligence Committee can spend 53 minutes in a live interview ranting on Fox and Friends?

Right, the normal response to being accused of talking so loudly on a cellphone that everyone around can hear you is to have a phone in interview to Fox and Friends where you scream for almost an hour.

Per CNN “A lawyer for an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani says his client is willing to tell Congress about meetings (Devin Nunes) the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee had in Vienna last year with a former Ukrainian prosecutor to discuss digging up dirt on Joe Biden.”
At some point have to wonder how the buses run in DC with all these crooks throwing each other under them.


So will Devin  Nunes testify in his OWN defense? Or will he be too cowed?


An increasing number of Republicans say Trump has abused his Presidential powers but shouldn’t be impeached, in essence saying his crimes don’t matter. So is this how they raise their children?

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