Moving daze

Former San Diego Chargers vs soon-to-be former Oakland Raiders for tomorrow’s Thursday Night Football. Can we call it the Runaway Bowl?


Chicago QB Mitchell Trubisky wants televisions turned off inside Halas Hall. the Bears headquarters, because “you’ve got too many people talking on TV about us and what they think about us — what we should do, what we are and what we’re not.”
What’s next, does Trubisky want to ban boos at Soldier Field?

Maybe I’m missing something, but with these insane lines for Popeye’s chicken sandwiches (and one man reportedly stabbed to death while waiting), wouldn’t it be simple to buy a box of Popeye’s chicken tenders and BYO bun?

Trump is now spinning last night’s Kentucky voting results as a win. So when is he inviting the World Champion Houston Astros to the White House?

Trump says he’ll “remain neutral” at LSU vs Alabama game this weekend. Of course he will, Donald can never bear to make a prediction in ANY contest where he thinks there’s a chance his choice might lose.

Bill Gates is apparently not an Elizabeth Warren fan. And when asked who he’d vote for in a Trump vs. Warren election, he responds that he’d vote for whoever has the “more professional approach” to the presidency, even if he disagrees with them.
Excuse me, my CAT has a more professional approach to the presidency than Trump.

Jeff Sessions is thinking of running for his old Senate seat. Trump apparently has joked “that he would move to Alabama and primary Sessions himself.”
If Donald wants to resign the Presidency and run for Senate, I maybe could support that.

Per CNN “More than half of Kentucky’s 120 counties saw over 40% of all registered voters cast ballots in Tuesday’s election, including large counties like Jefferson (45%) and Fayette (47%). Some counties, like Franklin, Woodford and Hancock, saw turnout above 50%”
ALL of the five listed counties went for Beshear. Thanks Donald!

Meanwhile Don Jr tweeted out what he believes to be the Whistleblower’s name.   Proving once again the baby snake doesn’t slither far from the tree.

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